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Ankle Brace Webly Zap™


Ankle Brace Webly Zap™
Ankle Orthosis (314)

  • Limits ankle inversion/eversion while not restricting plantar and dorsiflexion
  • Figure-eight stabilizing straps replicate ankle taping
  • Low profile brace fits in shoes and work boots
  • Useful prophylactically and for ankle sprains
  • Seamless design maximizes comfort
  • Elastic strap closure improves compression and gives a clean appearance
  • Fits right or left

Order No. Description / Options
314 Webly Zap™ Ankle Orthosis
Available in black and white

Air Ankle Stirrup (307)

Air Ankle Stirrup (307) Sizing

  • Universal shell design – one size comfortably fits left and right
  • Two Air Cell Design aids in active edema reduction
  • Heel pad widths can easily be adjusted externally
  • Welded Straps and Reinforced Rivet ensure strap durability
  • Thicker heel pad for durability and support
  • Air cell pressure is adjustable for a better fit

Order No. Description / Options
Air Ankle Stirrup

Adjustable Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Adjustable Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Product Number: 70AAFO
Manufacturer: RCAI

The Adjustable Ankle-Foot Orthosis maintains medial/lateral ankle stability while offering dynamic spring assist in returning the foot to the neutral position.

Indicated for stroke, hemiplegia, foot drop, stepage gait, lower leg nerve damage, palsy and ankle sprains.

  • Height adjustable from 14 to 16″ (35.6 – 40.6 cm)
  • Features dual channel hinges that offer dynamic dorsiflexion assist for patients with stroke, palsy, footdrop and ankle sprains.
  • Can be adjusted to limit both plantar and dorsiflexion, locked in a fixed position, or set in a neutral stop position to allow free motion and dynamic return to neutral.

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) - Rigid

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) – Rigid

Product Number: 60RAFO
Manufacturer: RCAI

The RCAI Rigid Ankle Foot Orthosis provides functional alignment for flaccid extremities, resistance to mild extensor spasticity and it also provides mediolateral support for ankle instability.

Foot - Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) - Swedish

Foot – Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) – Swedish

Product Number: 90SAFO
Manufacturer: RCAI

The Swedish AFO by RCAI provides static dorsiflexion assistance, lateral foot and ankle stability for flaccid extremities, and resistance to mild extensor spasticity. The open heel and calf design of the Swedish AFO limits skin breakdown, offers a cooler alternative to standard AFOs, and allows the brace to fit into any type of shoe. Made of polyethylene, the calf portion of the Swedish AFO is thicker for rigidity, and padded for patient comfort. The foot plate is extended, and can be trimmed and spot heated for patient customization.



The Only Complete Solution for Drop Foot
The only complete solution for drop foot. The Step- Smart® brace is not only designed for clearance during swing phase, it is also engineered to handle shock absorption at heel strike. The exclusive Jacob Joint® pushes the foot into gentle dorsiflexion during swing phase. Then the pre-loaded feature of the joint absorbs shock and decelerates the plantar flexion phase instantaneously during heel strike.

The dorsiflexion assist Jacob Joint® comes complete with three sets of replaceable compression components that offer varying degrees of shock absorption. This allows the practitioner to adjust the shock absorption level to match the weight and step length of the patient.

The Step-Smart is a low profile, easy to use comfortable, and is designed with the proper dynamics to imitate the natural foot & ankle movements. This off the shelf brace can be customized to match each patient’s shock absorption requirements and their foot/calf angle.

We’re confident that your patients will agree with Dr. Walter Keller, Vascular Surgeon and Step-Smart user, when he states “With the old AFO design, walking was so tiresome that I was constantly falling on my face rather than using it. I love the Step-Smart because it better mimics the natural ankle motions during walking. I use it all day long.”