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Elbow And Arm | Medicare Approved Braces

Arm - Post Operative Pin (POP) Arm Brace

Arm – POP Arm Brace

Product Number: 74APOP
Manufacturer: RCAI

The RCAI Post Operative Pin (POP) Arm Brace is designed for post surgery and/or related elbow injuries where limited ROM or locked control of the elbow is desired. The POP Arm Brace can be used as an alternative to casting or repetitive arthroscopy splinting with ROM flexion/extension control. It is indicated for elbow arthroscopy, ulnar or radial collateral ligament reconstruction, stable or internally fixed fractures of the distal humerus, medial or lateral epicondylitis, distal epicondylar fractures, sever sprains, or muscle ligament trauma. It is not recommended for severe spasticity or unstable fractures.

The POP Arm Brace is open and lightweight design for patient comfort and has a one piece construction for easy application and removal.The lateral hinge arm prevents rubbing against the body. The flexion settings are from 0-120° while the extension settings are from 0-90° all in 5° increments. The plastic humeral and forearm cuffs provide circumferential support; the plastic can be trimmed with scissors if needed.

The liner is made of a breathable laminate interface.

Arm - Ratchet POP Arm Brace

Arm – Ratchet POP Arm Brace

Product Number: 84RAPOP
Manufacturer: RCAI

The new Ratchet POP Arm Brace by RCAI is designed for post surgery, strains, sprains, instability, ligament repairs and soft tissue contractures, due to cerebral palsy, stroke, head trauma or spinal cord injury. The Ratchet POP Arm offers flexion/extension ROM control from 0-120° in 5° increments. The lateral hinge features a ratchet type mechanism that allows incremental, locked positioning. While the brace is on the arm, the angle of the limb can be increased in 10° increments from 0-90° without the use of settings or tools.

Arm - Universal Arm Brace

Arm – Universal Arm Brace

Product Number: 88UAB
Manufacturer: RCAI

The Universal Arm Brace has bilateral hinges, which provide increased flexion / extension elbow control from 0° to 120°. The lightweight stainless steel hinge construction aids in patient compliance. The precision length adjustment hinge arm assures a personalized fit and the unique forearm design provides protection of the olecranon process. The UAB is a cost effective alternative to casting for stable fractures and is indicated for elbow surgery, tendon or muscle repair, strains or sprains. The liner is made of a breathable laminate interface.

Thermoskin® Range of Motion (ROM) Hinged Elbow

Thermoskin® ROM Hinged Elbow

Part Number: Black 8*189

Thermal Support for Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation of the Elbow

  • ROM Hinged Elbow features medial and lateral Range of Motion (ROM) hinges to provide stability.
  • Hinges may be adjusted to limit extension at 0º, 15º, 30º or 45º settings.
  • ROM hinges help control extension and rotation, and provide exceptional support through postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Criss-crossing “X” hook and loop straps provide additional protection from hyperextension.

Available in black.